4 Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney

Tax AttorneyGetting a notice from the IRS can be nerve-wracking. You may be facing steep penalties and even charges for tax evasion. There are many reasons why someone could be in trouble with the IRS, but hiring a Tax Attorney is a wise decision. Listed below are some of the reasons why it may be a good idea to hire a Mammoth Cave Tax Attorney in Kentucky. Read on to learn more. You will feel more confident when you hire a Tax Attorney.

The Indiana legislature recently voted to suspend most tax filing bills, warrants, and liens. However, prior audits and legal bills will remain active. While most outbound collections have been suspended during the shutdown, some employees are continuing to work on cases and may hold Appeals conferences over the phone or through videoconference. Taxpayers should still respond to any outstanding requests for information. Indiana is also attempting to protect statutes of limitations. Therefore, it is imperative to hire a Tax Attorney.

In addition to filing a petition for rehearing, taxpayers may also request a telephonic status conference with the RI Division of Taxation. If the rehearing request is successful, the taxpayer can expect to receive a response within sixty days. A telephonic status conference will allow the client to communicate with the attorney assigned to the conference. The Tax Attorney can assist taxpayers who are unable to make payments on time.

For businesses that have just opened, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue can provide helpful assistance with navigating the state’s website and avoiding common tax filing mistakes. By working with local District Offices, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue can assist businesses avoid common filing mistakes and ensure that they file their taxes in a timely manner. In addition, the department can also answer questions regarding electronic filing. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is an excellent resource for businesses of all sizes.

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